Privacy Policy

I. Introduction

CredoWeb’s mission is to connect all participants in the field of healthcare (patients, medical professionals, companies). The platform offers diverse communication tools and solutions to all users and aims to be a digital space where users exchange quality medical information.

Central to this mission is our commitment to being fully transparent with you about the personal data we collect about you, how the data is used and shared and your rights regarding your personal information.

When using the CredoWeb Platform and any of our Services, you should know that we use your personal data under this Privacy Policy and in compliance with all applicable law.

In addition, by using the CredoWeb Platform (the platform) you give your consent to the use of cookies in your browser which doesn’t contain personal information about you. More information about cookies can be found in our Cookie policy:

CredoWeb uses the services of other companies to keep our services up and running. That includes services like cloud storage, mail, backup and support, and others. We only use trusted partners that share our values and commitments to your privacy and you can find the list of these partners on the platform’s website.

For some of the CredoWeb services we use trusted partners that may transfer and process users’ data in countries outside the European Union and in that respect CredoWeb seeks to ensure that all of our users’ data is transferred in compliance with the relevant legislation and in the most secure way possible. A list of these partners you can find here

II. Information CredoWeb collects:

When you use our services we collect data to make these services work better for you and for this reason we collect:

1. Things you do in CredoWeb:

 •Topics, users and pages that you follow

 •Activities such as discussions, events and e-learnings that you take part in

 • Emails and notifications that you receive from us

 • Videos you watch

 • Ads you click on or tap

 • Your location

 • Device information

 • Cookie data for our website

 • Audio and video data that you share

2. Things you create:

 •Content such as articles, events, and discussions that you publish, like or comment

 •Personal messages that you write or receive

 •Profile information that you add

 •Contacts you add

 •Photos and videos you upload

 •Links that you make to other content stored on our platform or on other sites

3. Things that make you “you”:

To create your profile on CredoWeb, the minimum personal data you will need to provide us with includes name, phone number, e-mail and year of birth. Additionally, providing a professional identification number, medical specialties, city of occupation and a professional title is necessary if you wish to register as a medical professional.

CredoWeb may require an additional document or information in order to verify that you are a medical professional or an expert, working in a health-related company, organization or institution. Collecting this additional data allows us to give you special user rights such as creating content.

Providing any further personal information in your profile is entirely optional and at your discretion. Such personal information might include:

*Address * Education * Topics of interests * Professional medical publications * Personal websites * Membership in organizations * Professional experience, * Place of work * Position / title * Languages * Geo location * Day and month of birth * Gender

The content of the CredoWeb website is available for any internet user and the access to that website is not dependent on any consent for the usage of personal data. If you choose not to provide the minimum needed personal data for the registration you won’t be able to create a profile in the platform, but you’ll still be able to access the platform and use some of its services.

CredoWeb stores your personal information for the period you choose to maintain your user profile or until you decide to withdraw your consent partially or completely. In case you decide to delete your user profile or part of your user information, it might take up to one month to delete all of your information from our systems. For legal reasons, we must keep data regarding your acceptance of our Terms and conditions, Privacy policy, Cookie policy and your consent to using your data for marketing purposes for a longer period of time.

III. How does CredoWeb use your information?

1. Providing you with the best services, through constant improvement and development of CredoWeb:

We use your data to provide, personalize and support our services to you or the organization on behalf of which you are using our services. We also use your data to keep on improving and developing our services so you can benefit even more from using our platform.

2. Marketing services and activities:

CredoWeb might use the personal information you have shared with CredoWeb as a member of the platform to offer you tailored content, which may include marketing and advertisement content. We will ask for your consent for the following activities:

(1) To receive a periodic newsletter with useful information through the communication channels you have provided in your profile. The newsletter contains articles, news, information on discussions, online courses and other topics and events, according to your stated interests, and may also contain information and/or links about events that are not related to the platform and lead to other services, web addresses and platforms of our Partners. The newsletter may contain marketing and/or advertising content. You can unsubscribe from it at any time through your account settings.

(2) To receive notifications for private messages from other users on the platform at the email address you have provided. These notifications help keep you informed about the personal correspondence you have on the platform. You may receive messages from users and/or pages that contain marketing and/or advertising content, but you can block senders if you do not wish to receive content from them. You can unsubscribe from private message email notifications at any time through your account settings. 

(3) To receive invitations to events, games, discussion groups, online courses, surveys and other activities carefully selected for you based on your interests through the communication channels you have specified and shared with us through your profile. They will help you learn everything that is happening on the platform, on the topics that interest you, and the invitations may also contain information and/or links about events that are not related to the platform and lead to other services, web addresses and platforms of our Partners. These invitations may contain marketing and/or advertising content. You can unsubscribe from email invitations at any time through your account settings.

(4) CredoWeb can process and share information with organizers of events, discussions, online trainings about your activities in them, and this may also include information about events that are not related to the platform and are held through services, web addresses and platforms of our Partners. This mainly includes information that is publicly available to all participants, such as comments, likes, certificates received, as well as purely statistical anonymized information. Using this information, the organizers can improve their activities to be more useful to you. You can stop sharing information about your activities by posting as an "anonymous" user or by changing your account settings. You can withdraw your consent through your preferences in your profile settings.

IV. CredoWeb protects your information

1. Your security comes first in everything we do:

We are dedicated to protecting our users from unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of information we hold and for this, we implement security safeguards designed to protect your data, in particular, :

- use secure protocols such as HTTPS;

- use the highest industry standard encryption methods;

- implement physical security measures, to guard against unauthorized access to systems;

- restrict access to personal information to employees, contractors, and agents who need to know that information in order to process it for us, and who are subject to strict contractual confidentiality obligations, data processing obligations and strict internal procedures and may be disciplined or terminated if they fail to meet these obligations;

- regularly monitor our systems for possible vulnerabilities and attacks;

2. How do we prevent harm or respond to legal requests:

We implement various security safeguards designed to protect your data. In case of an established risk or data breach or a signal from any user for security risk/breach, we will take all possible measures to limit the risk/breach and conduct an investigation, correct any security vulnerabilities and inform data protection government agencies according to relevant law.

We never give “backdoor” access to your data or servers that store your data to government entities, however, we may access, preserve and share your information in response to a legal request (like a search warrant, court order or subpoena) if the law requires us to do so.

V. Control your information:

Your right to control your personal information is very important for us. Therefore we give you full access to change or delete any information you have provided us with.

1. How can I manage or delete information about me:

When you share information about you in your profile you have the full control to change or delete it by logging into your profile and editing or by deleting your profile.

2. Manage your privacy settings in the platform:

We try to give you as much control over your privacy as possible. You can manage to what extent you give us your consent to use your information to present you with interesting content and information from the platform. You can control the privacy of your information from your profile settings

Please refrain from sharing sensitive personal information regarding yourself and always bear in mind that others might be able to identify aspects of your life through the personal information you share through your profile.

VI. Ads, content and marketing communication:

1. Ads and content based on your preferences: 

Ads are a big part of keeping our services up and running. We only use data to show you these ads, but we do not submit personal information to advertisers without your explicit consent and only provide them with anonymous statistics regarding their ads.

We serve you tailored content and ads on our Services by using automated profiling. This includes content in your newsfeed that is relevant to you and its based on your interests. These recommendations may include articles, events, discussions, e-learning courses, colleagues or pages to follow. We don’t use automated profiling for any other purpose other than the stated here. We also don’t use automated profiling to make decisions regarding yourself when the decisions are only based solely on automated processing, including profiling, which produces legal effects concerning you or similarly significantly affects you.

2. Marketing communication: 

We use data and content for invitations and communications promoting our services or the services of our partners through one or more of the following communication methods and/or channels: newsletter; internal messaging system; desktop notifications; mobile device notifications; banners, invitations to events, games, discussions, courses, surveys; content and advertisement recommendation service, email, phone number (SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.), Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile and other communication channels that you have shared with us through your profile.

We offer you a choice to opt-out of these marketing messages at any time.

VII. Your rights:

CredoWeb respects your rights regarding privacy and does everything possible to protect it so be informed that you:

1. Can ask that your personal data isn’t used for any other purpose apart from the one you’ve explicitly consented to and only in compliance with this Privacy policy and all relevant laws.

2. Can ask for correction of your personal information.

3. Can ask for a copy of all stored personal information.

4. Can limit in any way or fully withdraw your consent.

5. Can ask for a deletion of any or all stored personal information (right to be forgotten).

6. Can choose not to be part of automated profiling and/or automated decisions regarding yourself when the decisions are only based solely on automated processing, including profiling, which produces legal effects concerning you or similarly significantly affects you.

7. Can choose to access the user information, rectify it, obtain human intervention, express a point of view, object and contest a decision regarding yourself when the decision is only based solely on automated processing, including profiling, which produces legal effects concerning you or similarly significantly affects you.

8. Can ask not to be targeted by marketing communication.

9. Can ask to know the location where your personal data is stored.

10. Can ask that your data is not send to or shared with third parties outside the European Union when there are no appropriate safeguards for your personal information.

11. Can ask that your personal information is transferred to a third party in a commonly used format.

12. Can ask for information and assistance from us regarding the use of your personal data and your rights.

13. Can file an appeal to data protection government agencies regarding your rights.

VIII. Your Consent:

Please read our Privacy policy carefully and give your consent for the use of your personal information only where you feel appropriate. You can limit or fully withdraw your consent at any time from the privacy settings in your profile or delete your profile but keep in mind that this doesn’t affect the legality of all actions performed by CredoWeb before the withdrawal of the consent. In case you withdraw your consent, CredoWeb won’t delete your profile and will only stop using your data for the described in III, p. 2 marketing services and activities.

IX. Changes and notification:

From time to time we may change/update this Privacy Policy and/or our Terms and Conditions and Cookie Policy or ask for your consent again if necessary. If we make any changes, we will provide notice through our Services and/or by other means, so we can provide you the opportunity to review the changes before they become effective. In case you object to any of the changes, you may close your account and cease using the platform as a registered user or modify your consent where possible. If you continue to use our Services after the notice period has passed and the changes have taken effect this means that you are consenting to the changed/updated Privacy Policy and/or Terms and Conditions and Cookie Policy.

In case you do not agree to these changes you may cease using the platform and discontinue your membership in relation with pt. 9 of the Terms and Conditions.

If necessary, we shall ask again for your Consent for processing of your personal data.

X. Contact us:

If you need any assistance regarding your rights, this Privacy policy or you want to inform us on risk/breach or a possible risk/breach of data security, you can contact us- “CredoWeb EOOD, UIC 201725772, data controller as per Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and as per the Bulgarian legislation”- at

When you contact CredoWeb’s customer services, they may access your Account in order to serve you and collect information for your question, respond to it and serve you at their best.