CREDO (Latin word for “I believe”) in our sense means trust.

The whole healthcare sector is based on the trust between its stakeholders. Therefore, we named our platform CredoWeb – the tool that builds trust between

healthcare stakeholders in the digital space.



CredoWeb is a digital platform that seeks to facilitate

professional communication between all healthcare

stakeholders and provide them with a unique online

space where they can exchange knowledge, opinions

and information.



Realizing the power of increasing digitalisation in

healthcare, CredoWeb strives to become the world’s

leading provider of digital tools, channels, and

solutions that enable entirely new communication

models within the healthcare industry.


You will find in CredoWeb:

  • Search engine for hospitals and medical centres
  • Search engine for medical experts
  • Search engine for pharma companies
  • Publications section
  • Virtual events section
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME) section
  • Private messaging system


CredoWeb - Multichannel Marketing Platform